LATEST New features on Trackfundx that make personal finance management easy

Your personal financial tracking app.

Trackfundx helps you keep your finances on track by giving you full control over earnings and expenditure.

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Stay in charge of your finances with Trackfundx


Get real time visualisation on your income and spending

You no longer have to worry yourself about your financial report. Trackfundx curates it to be easily interpreted

Begin your journey to financial discipline with Trackfundx Budgeting

Create budget goals, set spending limits and activate a budgeted life when you use Trackfundx

All your transactions are categorized,
without stress

All your transactions are categorized without stress.

No more missed recurring payments or important transactions

No more missed recurring payments or important transactions, Trackfundx allows you to set reminders for all that you need to pay for

All your bank
accounts in one place

Seamlessly connect your bank accounts in a single platform, keep track of all earnings and have a clear knowledge of all expenses.

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And there’s more...

  • Share budget with Friends & Family

    Staying true to your budget takes extra strength but you can achieve your financial goals by sharing your journey with friends and family.

  • Build healthy financial habits

    We've got tools to help you stay true on your journey to a healthy financial life. We do not only teach you how best to handle your money, we also give you prompts to help you stay on track.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    You are not left alone on your journey to accurate budgeting and financial discipline when you sign up for Trackfundx. Our team provides the necessary support that you need, everyday, every hour.

But here is what our friends are saying about us

“I have always had issues with spending, I found it really hard to determine how much to spend or save but with Trackfundx, I am now in control of my finances more than ever.“

Abigail Omoyemwense

We know you've got some questions

Your answers are right here…

Who can use Trackfundx?

Trackfundx is a financial management app that is created for everyone who needs help with keeping a tab on their finances. You can easily link your bank accounts, accurately create budgets that can be shared if you wish. You can also set reminders on that subscription that you always forget to renew.

What are the benefits of using Trackfundx?

Trackfundx makes it easy for the users to enjoy a healthy financial life. You can now begin your savings journey by cutting down on unnecessary expenses. You no longer have to surf through your multiple bank accounts to know how rich or broke you've gotten. You get constant reminders on your transactions and you can see your financial strength at a go.

What are the features of Trackfundx?

There are quite a number of features that Trackfundx users can explore either on the web or through the downloaded app. Some of these include:

  • Syncing of multiple bank accounts through seamless processes
  • Monthly bill tracking and payment reminders
  • An automated organisation of your spending with totals and percentage
  • Periodic records to keep you informed
  • Accurate budgeting that matches your income
How do I sign up for Trackfundx?

You can either sign up for Trackfundx through the app for Android or IPhone. Once you sign up, you get to sync your bank accounts so that our system can automatically create a spending pattern and budget planner.

Is Trackfundx free?

Once you sign up for Trackfundx and you sync your bank and other financial accounts to the app or via the web version for it to generate a budget planner and group your spending, this attracts a little service charge only.

How do I connect my bank accounts to Trackfundx?

You can connect your bank accounts through the Trackfundx app, connecting your accounts lets you access all your transactions record and analyzed data.

We support up to 30+ banks in Africa. Business and personal accounts can also be connected.

Is it safe to use to Trackfundx?

Using trackfundx is 100% secure as we do not have access to initiate transactions on your behalf nor do we share your data with any third party.

For more information on security, check out our terms and policy.